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RTI is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

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RTI is Fast Approaching, Are You Ready?

From April 2013 there will be the biggest change to Payroll that HM Revenue & Customs has introduced since the 1940’s. HMRC will be bringing in ‘real time information’ (RTI), which will mean that employers will have to submit information about all PAYE payments to HMRC online in real time, each time a payment is made as part of the payroll process. We are already fully RTI ready and trained with our Payroll software and will be doing this for you! However it is vital all your employee information is up to date as submitting incorrect information can result in HMRC fines of £100 per 50 employees! All Payroll clients will be receiving a letter shortly in regards to RTI with a checklist for employee data.  However if you currently employ anyone over 16 (or under 16 and pay above LEL of £109pw) and don’t have a PAYE scheme, you may be required to have one for RTI from 6 April 2013! Please Contact Us now if you feel you may fall into this category to discuss this further. We are RTI ready, are you?

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